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Truffle Survey Services

Is Your Truffiére Beginning to Produce Truffles?

  • Fee-based Truffle survey services – prices vary - contact us for information.

Do You Own Property With Prime Natural Truffle Habitat?

  • Douglas Fir
  • 15 to 40 Years Old
  • Well Spaced – Preferably Machine Planted or with Furrowed Rows
  • Little Undergrowth and No Poison Oak
  • Thick Duff
  • Flat Terrain

Truffle Surveying

    • Want to Find Out If You Have Truffles?
    • Let Us Come Survey Your Property
    • Dog Assisted Harvesting
    • Dogs Identify Only Ripe Truffles for Harvesting
    • Preserves Crop for Entire Length of Season
    • Protects Land and Trees from Raking Damage
    • Increases Market Value of Truffle Because They are Rips
    • For A Limited Time — No Charge - Just Share the Truffles

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