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What Are Truffles?

Like mushrooms Truffles are the fruit of underground fungus called mycelium, much like peaches are the fruit of a peach tree. However, truffles grow totally underground and therefore can be difficult to find!

Truffles multiply & spread naturally as forest animals like squirrels, voles, birds, etc. eat, digest, & excrete the unharmed spores to other locations.


Animals find them because the ripe truffles put out a distinct odor.

Europeans have used pigs and dogs for centuries to harvest what has become a culinary delicacy.

European truffles sell from $1000 to $3500 per pound primarily because they are harvested with the aid of dogs at the peak of ripeness.

Chinese & US Truffles sell for a mere $100 to $500 per pound, primarily because they are raked predominantly in their unripe state and therefore have poor aromatic quality and poor shelf-life.

Dog trainers and harvesters are working to change the US truffle industry by promoting dog-harvested truffles to improve the quality, crop yields, reputation, demand for and therefore market price of US truffles.

If you would like information on how to get involved in Truffle hunts or using truffles in cooking, contact K9-Behavior Company with your area of interest and we will provide you information.


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