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Is your dog shy or fearful of people, objects, or environments?

We can teach you specific training techniques to help a dog overcome these fears and return to a normal happy life.

Jayne’s pit bull ‘Penny’ used to be fearful and therefore acted in a way that visitors thought was aggressive; same with strangers carrying backpacks out on a walk. Now Penny loves visitors at home and meets new people out in public with confidence!


Teach Your Dog To:

  • Pay attention to you
  • Look to you when stressed
  • Return to you for support
  • Look forward to house guests
  • Be confident around children or men
  • Walk calmly around other dogs
  • Be calm & quiet around other people & dogs
  • Be confident around ‘scary noises’ or ‘things’

Teach You To:

  • Manage behavior that looks like aggression, but more likely is fear
  • Support your fearful dog
  • Bring out your shy dog
  • Reward effectively
  • Manage & help your dog

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