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Service Dog Consulting

Train your own service dog

Help train, tune performance or fix problems with Wheel Chair Assistance, Tracking, Cadaver, and other Service Dogs

Use Dog Learning Processes and Your Dog's Reward Heirarchy to optimize performance.

Take Advantage of Your Dog's Own Alert Preferences for More Consistent Performance

Teach Your Dog to:

  • Perform in High Drive
  • Alert Consistently
  • Retrieve Consistently
  • Take Handler to Source
  • Avoid False-Positive Alerts
  • Learn New Tasks Faster
  • Work Calmly and Focused

Shalie, a 14 month old white German Shepherd, helps Terrie by retrieving things as she is confined to her wheel chair. We helped Terrie train Shalie herself. Now she can be independent and teach Shalie new things as needed.



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