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Scent Dog Training

K9-Behavior Company provides customized training to assist people train their own dogs for scent service work. Customized packages & training is available and it’s far more affordable than buying an already trained dog. Scent Dog training Includes:

  • Evaluation Of Your Dog’s Likelihood Of Success Or Assistance Selecting A Good Scent Dog Candidate.
  • Imprinting On The Target Odor
  • Beginning Target Odor Training
  • Motivation & Rewards For Consistent Target Finds
  • Acquiring, Handling & Storing Target Odor Training Aids
  • Exercises & Games To Increase Motivation & Focus
  • Intermediate Target Odor Training: Alerts, Pinpointing, Preventing Damage To The Target
  • Troubleshooting Problem Areas—Customized Solutions & Exercises
  • Advanced Target Training—On Lead & Off Lead Training, Alert Variations, Retrieve, And Increasing Hunt Duration.
  • Performance Test & Certificate

One 2-Hour Evaluative & Beginning Session - $150

Five 2-Hour Sessions—A Complete Custom Training Package - $600

$50/hour for additional sessions IF needed

Free email support throughout & after

Call for Custom Group Training Where Appropriate

Contact K9-Behavior Company with your area of interest and we will provide you with more information.


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