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Scent Dogs

Types of Scent Training

Dogs have tremendous noses – 100s to 1000’s times better than the human sense of smell. That’s why dogs can be trained to use their noses to find most anything. Examples Include:

  • Live People, Even Specific People – as in Search & Rescue Trailing & Area Searches
  • Deceased People or The Remains Of Deceased People – Cadaver Dogs
  • Drowned People – Water Recovery Search Dogs (see Search & Rescue page)
  • Specific Animals – as in Endangered Species Studies
  • Specific Plants – as in Endangered Species Plant Field Studies
  • Chemical Odors – as in scents added to water pipes to find leaks
  • Deer or Elk Antlers – finding antler sheds for art projects
  • Mushrooms and Truffles – for fun or commercial harvesting (see also Truffle Dog page)
  • Chemicals in Human Blood or Urine – as in cancer detection or diabetic alert dogs (see also Service Dog Page)
  • Other Target Scents You May Have a Need For!!!!!!!!


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