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For Puppies

Puppies are an 'EMERGENCY' ! They learn so fast that its best to teach them good habits and ways to behave as soon as they come home . . . so they don't inadvertantly learn and you don't inadvertently reward 'bad' behaviors.

1st - Find & sign-up ASAP to take your puppy at about 12 weeks of age to a " Puppy Class" at a reputable training facility. This kind of class is important to socialize puppies with other people, new environments & other puppys! Its critical to do this at a very young age.

2nd - Private In--Home Puppy Training teaches you things that will not be learned in 'puppy class' including:

  • How to Successfully House-Train
  • Teach Puppy What to chew on
  • What & how to feed puppy - use food for training
  • How to manage puppy biting (a NORMAL behavior)
  • How puppies can sit and ask for things (rather than jump up)
  • How puppies can pay attention for everything
  • How to walk a puppy on a leash
  • How puppy can stay home alone confidently

A Puppy Package of 3 sessions is $290

To Find a Good Trainer/Facility for group training go to www.apdt.com and search by zip code .


Also - These Great Books are Available at www.dogwise.com

Before & After Getting Your Puppy by Ian Dunbar PhD - Excellent info to help choose a breeder and puppy. A MUST READ FOR ALL DOG or PROSPECTIVE DOG OWNERS. Excellent B4 puppy arrival preparations so things will be ready and easy once pup arrives. Foundation to create a happy, well-adjusted pet dog that will not have all those obnoxious doggy behaviors. Excellent potty training, puppy biting, chewing prevention, people & dog socialization techniques. Straight-forward if not blunt style.
Dispels common doggy myths. Best book out there for old & new owners!

Dog-Friendly Dog Training by Andrea Arden - Excellent easy to read softer style approach about how to positive ways to train a puppy or dog. Heavy emphasis on positive reinforcement and the ill-affects of corrective training methods.

Click Here for a Well-Trained Dog by Deborah Jones PhD - Pet Dog Training An all-time favorite for new dog owners. Integrates clicker training into regular puppy learning, but doesn’t over do it. Highly recommended for ALL Dog Owners. Specific techniques to prepare your new dog for its new life in the world. Wonderful dog-people relationship building for a confident, happy dog & owner.

The Culture Clash by Jean Donaldson - Training Theory & Practice Recommended for ALL Dog Owners. Xln't easy to understand training methods; what works & doesn't & why. Classical (Pavlov) & operant (BF Skinner) conditioning training methods made easy. Dispels MANY training myths.

Excel-Erated Learning by Pamela Reid PhD - Dog Training Theory & Practice Advanced animal behavior theory & training application to dogs. Essential for performance dog training.

Work Wonders by Tom Lonsdale - Outstanding short read on how’s, what’s & why’s of feeding a natural raw diet of meaty bones. A must read to keep your dog fit & healthy & OUT of the vets office!

Agility Tricks by Donna Duford - Tricks Great little booklet for simple and fun tricks. Explains both learning theory and how to. Uses great positive and science-based training techniques. Kids will need some help reading this, but can easily use these techniques with some coaching.

I do not recomend any books that use corrective, dominance, or other harsh training methods. Unfortunately books containing these outdated kinds of punishment-based methods are readily available out there. Unfortunatly these corrective methods are not very effective to quickly teach a puppy what 'to do'. They typically make a puppy afraid, confused, and unhappy. Look for the positive reinforcment or reward-based training books!


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