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Customers (listed with permission)

  • Idaho Power Company
  • Pacific Power & Light
  • Utah Power & Light
  • City of Bend Police Department
  • Yakima, WA Animal Control
  • Cedar City, UT Animal Control

Companies which provide training to educate & protect their employees suffer fewer law suits.

  • "I have been bit 13 times before, and the day after this class, I was attacked by a vicious dog and fended it off without a bite!"
    Glenna Nebeker, Meter Reader - Pacific Power & Light, Casper, Wyoming

  • "After taking your class, my employees report feeling much more comfortable. Now that they know what to do around the dogs, they're not afraid and get the reads done faster!"
    Keith Van Roosendahl, Metering Operations Manager - Utah Power & Light, Midvale, Utah

  • "The new company policy we implemented regarding use of equipment for dog and employee safety helps our meter readers be more dog friendly and get bit less."
    Duane VanPatten, Metering Manager - Idaho Power Company, Boise, Idaho

  • "It took me 7 years in the field to learn what you taught here in a single day. I'd like the rest of my officers to take this class."
    Crea Lancaster, CSO - City of Bend Police Department, Bend, Oregon


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